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Rob Lowe’s Comedy Central roast will also be a partial Tommy Boy reunion

Tommy Boy

As befits someone who was all too briefly known as The Grinder, Rob Lowe’s a high-energy dude. In the last year, the star has braced himself for the end of the world in You, Me And The Apocalypse; entertained the idea of entertaining Kelly Ripa; and agreed to help resuscitate Code Black. And as his Comedy Central roast draws near, it looks like the former Parks And Recreation star is going to take his lumps in the midst of a partial Tommy Boy reunion.

Comedy Central announced part of the lineup for its roast of Lowe, which will tape on August 27 for a cable premiere on Labor Day (September 5). Jeff Ross will be there, as his contract stipulates that he always be invited to such things. Comedians Rob Riggle and Jimmy Carr will be on hand to offer their incisive commentary on Lowe’s, um, misspent youth and/or sweet sax stylings. And Peyton Manning has also been called upon to send up Lowe in some capacity—maybe he’ll embarrass Lowe by failing to complete a touchdown?


But, most importantly, David Spade has been assigned the venerable duty of Roastmaster at this friendly drubbing. This should be the real meat of the roast, as Spade and Lowe co-starred in Tommy Boy with the late Chris Farley, while everyone else who’s been invited to snark on the former ’80s heartthrob only seems to know of him. That is, except for Bo Derek, who will also rib Lowe from the dais at Sony Studios. Derek, of course, played Lowe’s mother/lover in Tommy Boy, so she’ll presumably have some funny things to say about that unseemly fake relationship. We suppose this is also a mini-reunion for The Showbiz Show, which Spade hosted and on which Lowe occasionally deadpanned—so, way to multi-task, Rob Lowe.

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