In between developing a single-camera sitcom for NBC and staring deep into his own beautiful blue eyes, Rob Lowe has found the time to star in another Lifetime movie. Over the past couple years, Lowe has treated the cable network as a bit of an ATM in between more high-profile projects, previously playing the prosecutor in its Casey Anthony movie and donning a silly mustache (and sillier Chicago accent) as convicted wife-murderer Drew Peterson. This time around, Lowe will complete the holy trinity of Lifetime true-crime teleplays by playing a murder victim—namely slain Miami Beach hotel heir Ben Novack Jr., in the TV movie Beautiful And Twisted. Candice Bergen will co-star as Novack’s mother, Bernice, while Paz Vega plays his sexpot wife/prime suspect Narcy. Three Lifetime movies in three years may seem like a lot, but Tori Spelling did three in 1996 alone (Deadly Pursuits, Co-Ed Call Girl, and Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?). So Lowe’s still got a lot of catching up to do.