Apparently still flush with Illegally Yours royalties, unfairly preserved actor Rob Lowe is making overtures about taking over Miramax Films from Disney—or at least, that’s the rumor currently being floated by TMZ. What we do know for sure is that Lowe has been making inroads of late toward becoming the sort of smarmy, pralines-and-dick media magnate he played in Wayne’s World, and recently formed a super league of rich guys that includes Colony Capital president Tom Barrack (who handles Michael Jackson’s estate), “major Formula One player” Flavio Briatore, and restaurateur Giuseppe Cipriani to put together a “$500 million deal to create ‘a multi-platform media company, similar to DreamWorks.’” But if TMZ’s report is accurate, this deal would only involve Barrack, Lowe, and “construction mogul” Ron Tutor, who’s made several previous bids for the company—which certainly hints at its legitimacy. Reportedly a deal could be reached by the end of the day, at which point Lowe could become, in TMZ’s words, “the next Harvey Weinstein.” In which case, we’re not sure if we’re supposed to be pulling for him or not.