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Photo courtesy of W+K Portland, via AdWeek

KFC continues to make its way through spokes-colonels like so many paper napkins during a sitdown with one of its two-piece meals. So far, the chicken hawkers have invited Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, Jim Gaffigan, Rob Riggle, Vincent Kartheiser, and cool guy Billy Zane to throw on the white seersucker suit of Colonel Sanders. Each new face behind the spray tan and glasses has helped revive the brand, apparently, which is why the fast-food company is switching things up yet again. As AdWeek reports, Rob Lowe has assumed the white-haired mantle, and will lead fried chicken eaters into a bold new world, one where we (or maybe just KFC) waste millions of dollars to send a sandwich to space, where no one can eat it.

As the new Colonel, Lowe touts the Zinger, a spicy, fried, breaded chicken breast sandwich. He also refers to all the money and planning that went into the marketing strategy within a marketing strategy. It’s this kind of winking acknowledgement that KFC is hoping will delight customers as much as or more than a solid-gold Billy Zane.


[via Laughing Squid]

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