We'd like to think Rob Lowe will treat his The Grinder co-star to a free meal

Rob Lowe’s just joined an exclusive club that includes Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. No, he hasn’t negotiated a billion-dollar salary for The Grinder (not yet, anyway)—Lowe is just the latest recipient of a McDonald’s Gold Card, which was once thought to be just an urban legend. The card bestows upon him the ability to eat for free at certain McDonald’s locations in southern California. Lowe brought the Gold Card to his Wednesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the host flashed it for the audience.

Lowe’s Gold Card, which is engraved with the words “Thank You For Your Friendship,” is McGood for one year at any Santa Barbara and Goleta McDonald’s restaurants. Lowe admitted he hasn’t actually used it yet, though he says he’s planning to treat himself to a feast on Thanksgiving (Chris Traeger would not approve). But if you were thinking all you have to do to get a Gold Card is land a role in a sitcom opposite Fred Savage, it turns out Lowe knows a guy (his dad), who just happened to be friends with Herb Peterson, the creator of the Egg McMuffin.


[h/t Eater]