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Just as the next season of Parks And Recreation was looking to be all sunshine and abs, Buzzfeed dropped the news (confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter) that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will be leaving the show this season, likely during the 13th episode timed for February sweeps. Official explanations for their departure haven’t yet been given, though both actors are obviously busy these days. Jones has a development deal with Warner Bros. Television, while Lowe has a starring role in National Geographic’s Killing Kennedy, and will surely remain in demand so long as there are murderers who need people to play them in miniseries.


And of course, seeing as last season spent much of its time on a plotline about their two characters trying to have a baby, it’s easy to assume that this year will finally see a resolution to that, as Chris and Ann and their new baby seek a fresh start, somewhere away from a show that already has the far more interesting story of Ron Swanson fathering a baby, thanks. Expect more information to come, as well as the saddest, most bittersweet “Ann Perkins” you’ve ever heard.

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