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Rob Lowe and his sons are going to hunt Bigfoot for A&E

(Photo: Getty Images For The Michaels Companies, Rich Polk)

In what could literally be the coolest attempt to force familial bonding ever conceived, Rob Lowe is going to start traveling around the country with his two sons as they try and solve mysteries like a dog-less Scooby Doo, and just in case that’s not exciting enough, the whole adventure is being filmed for a TV show. The series will be called The Lowe Files, and it’s just been picked up by A&E for a nine-episode order that will begin airing at some point this summer.

According to a press release, Lowe has always been curious about “infamous unsolved mysteries,” and though that phrase could mean a lot of different things, in this case it specifically means supernatural stuff like Bigfoot, UFOs, and other “creepy and bizarre” stories. The press release also says that the Lowes will visit “an alien base located 2,000 feet underwater,” they’ll work with “a renowned shaman at Preston Castle,” they’ll explore “an abandoned boys reformatory” in hopes of talking to ghosts, and they’ll train with “a top-secret government operative in methods of Remote Viewing.” Most of all, though, they’ll “create lasting memories” that are probably way cooler than anything you’ve ever done with your dad—who, it’s worth pointing out, is almost definitely not TV’s Rob Lowe.


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