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Rob Lowe actually did buy Miramax after all

Oh, for fuck’s sake: It turns out that actor Rob Lowe actually is part of the Ron Tutor-led investor group that recently purchased Miramax from Disney, as was rumored then denied then forgotten all about in the interest of just moving on with our lives. Lowe confirmed his involvement to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that it “represents an exciting new chapter for me.” For those unfamiliar, Lowe is a wealthy, egregiously handsome actor who now co-owns a film studio and is currently prepping his memoirs; his transformation into Robert Evans is nearly complete.

THR also managed to get some info on the newly revived studio’s upcoming slate, which includes the Jason Bateman/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy The Switch; John Madden’s Helen Mirren-starring Nazi war criminal drama The Debt; the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror film Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark with Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce; and the CGI-animated Gnomeo And Juliet, which reimagines Shakespeare’s classic drama about lovers torn apart by their fealty to warring families using “indoor and outdoor gnomes” and Elton John songs. Miramax is back on top, everybody!

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