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Rob Ford's official reality show canceled after a single episode as unofficial one rages on

In what could put a real damper on Rob Ford's month, Canada’s Sun News Network has canceled the Toronto mayor’s reality show after only one episode. While Ford Nation was the channel’s highest-rated program ever when it debuted on Monday—suggesting viewers were somewhat intrigued by a mayor who smokes crack, films videos in which he drunkenly threatens to kill his enemies, gives press conferences where he suggests that he has an all-you-care-to-eat pussy trough back at the old homestead, and powerslams female city councilors, and were curious to see what might happen if he was given yet another microphone—the show was reportedly “too costly to make.” According to the network’s vice president, Ford Nation took five hours to film and another eight to edit, as producers worked around the clock to whittle down every single insane thing he said and did into a mere hour of programming. The cancellation leaves Rob Ford with currently no reality series devoted to chronicling his misbehavior, besides every single news outlet.


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