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Rob Delaney says Catastrophe is definitely getting a second season

Rob Delaney has announced that more episodes of his trans-Atlantic sitcom Catastrophe will begin shooting soon. Of course, Delaney made the announcement on his satire-filled Twitter account, so it’s possible that this is just the latest in a long string of the comedian’s hilarious tweet-goofs, albeit one that doesn’t sound that great from a marketing point of view.

Delaney stars in the serieswhich aired originally on the U.K.’s Channel Four and recently began streaming exclusively in the States through Amazon Primewith British actress Sharon Hogan and, apparently, a lot of water-filled metal buckets. The show centers on a couple whose first hook-up results in a pregnancy, with Delaney’s character Rob moving to England to help Hogan raise the child.

Technically, Catastrophe was already renewed six months ago, before it even appeared in America, when Channel 4 executive Jay Hunt made an announcement to that effect. However, Delaney has apparently been deluged with questions about the series, so he hopped on Twitterwhich may or may not be Rob Delaney’s natural response to any given stimulus at this pointto confirm that he and Hogan would begin shooting new episodes this summer.

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