In the upcoming film Warm Bodies, based on Isaac Marion’s sorta-Twilight-y young-adult novel about a kinda-romance between a human girl and a zombie boy, comedian Rob Corddry plays the zombie-boys best friend and eventual partner in revolution, a zombie only known as M. In the film, Corddry takes the role relatively seriously, with dead eyes, mouth agape, and forehead furrowed with the difficulty of concentrating enough to produce a single word rather than a grunt. He’s much more vocal in this ridiculous Screenjunkies interview, where he straight-facedly dismisses all other zombie movies as bullshit, and discusses his Method acting as a zombie: refusing to break character ever, even when he went home at night and terrorized his daughter; crashing his car because zombies can’t drive; eating human brains in the cafeteria every day; and certainly never peeing. “It’s impossible how much urine is in my bladder, and I will never let it go,” he proclaims. Falser words were never spoken, but it’s a fun clip with solid comic timing.