Unconsciously illustrating the redundancy of “roasting” Charlie Sheen in a year in which Sheen did everything short of declaring himself Polish and start hitting the bars with priests and rabbis to set himself up for easy jokes, the organizers of the upcoming Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen have announced that the roster of people pointing out the obvious about Sheen will include TMZ boss Harvey Levin, Jackass star Steve-O, and even Mike Tyson, who should at least provide fodder for some gags about Lisa Lampanelli that may or may not involve mention of rape, depending on how far they want to push it. These people will join regular panel members and actual comedy types like Jeffrey Ross, Anthony Jeselnik, and Seth MacFarlane in attempting to mine fresh laughs out of words like “tiger blood,” “warlock,” and “winning.” Also considered to come and mock Charlie Sheen, presumably: your great-aunt, that smoking baby from Indonesia, assorted waterfowl, the desiccated bones of Jack Benny, just a big screen with a Twitter feed on it, etc.