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Riz Ahmed might be in Venom

(Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off, Venom, is preparing to add another up-and-coming name to its roster; according to The Hollywood Reporter, Rogue One co-star Riz Ahmed is in talks to appear opposite Tom Hardy, who’s playing the titular symbiote. There’s no word yet on who Ahmed would play in the movie, although he won’t be Carnage, the film’s already-announced villain.

Sony is trying to carve out its own little mini-cinematic universe with its Spider-Man-adjacent properties, with Venom and a Black Cat and Silver Sable film in the works. Ahmed, meanwhile, continues to make a name for himself; last year, he appeared in the Star Wars spin-off, plus, HBO’s The Night Of, after eye-catching supporting turns in previous years in films like Nightcrawler and Chris Morris’ cult classic terrorism comedy Four Lions.


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