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Riz Ahmed and K’naan get the job done in Hamilton Mixtape music video

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Riz Ahmed has been in everything lately, and the latest thing he’s in is an appropriately political music video for the version of “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)“ that he (as Riz MC), K’naan, and Residente recorded for the Hamilton Mixtape. The video has kind of a Snowpiercer vibe, with people living on a train as they sew American flags, work in kitchens, and otherwise “get the job done.” The camera eventually reaches a modern subway car, with black bars over some of the passengers’ eyes. By the end, ICE agents work their way back through the train, dragging people out of beds and tossing them in what look like prison cells. Given the Trump administration’s outright hatred for immigrants, the video explicitly turns the Hamilton track into a protest song. Plus, there’s a cameo from Hamilton‘s own Daveed Diggs at the end.

You can find the rest of the Hamilton Mixtape here.

[via Vulture]


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