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Opinion is divided among Weezer fans about whether Rivers Cuomo still writes fantastically catchy pop-rock songs that fearlessly sidestep any and all concerns about "coolness," or if he's evolved into a lazy, cynical opportunist who has squandered his gifts for melody by soullessly turning out formulaic pap. But we can all agree that Pinkerton is a pretty awesome record, which is why The Pinkerton Diaries should interest anybody who's ever loved Weezer. Diaries compiles Cuomo's journals, emails, letters, photos, and other ephemera from his troubled days during the classic album's creation, "so you get an inside look as to exactly what I was thinking," as Cuomo writes on his website. The book comes out Dec. 12, which also marks the release of Alone III, another collection of Cuomo's studio outtakes and demos. Check out a tracklist below. [via Stereogum]


01 “I’m So Lonely”
02 “Getchoo”
03 “Lisa”
04 “Negativland”
05 “You Gave Your Love To Me Softly”
06 “When You’re Alone”
07 “Susanne”
08 “There Is No Other One”
09 “Let Me Wash At Your Sink”
10 “Waiting On You”

Suite From The Black Hole
11 “Oh No, This Is Not For Me”
12 “Tired Of Sex”
13 “She’s Had A Girl”
14 “What Is This I Find?”
15 “Now I Finally See”
16 “Longtime Sunshine”


Fulton Avenue Suite
17 “I’m Lonely On A Saturday Night”
18 “Oh God I’m Hungry”
19 “I’m On Fire, You’re A Liar”
20 “The End Of My String”
21 “I Can’t Break Your Heart Slow”
22 “Money Makes Me Happy”
23 “My Mind’s On You”

24 “Defeat On The Hill”

25 “Clarinet Waltz”

26 “A Glorious Moment”


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