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Rivers Cuomo has déjà vu in Weezer’s video for “California Kids”

To promote its latest self-titled album (The White Album this time), Weezer has been releasing weird, viral-friendly music videos featuring stuff like powerfully sexual cannoli eating, slow-motion rampages on a beach, and a kid posing with a muscly woman in a bikini. For the band’s new “California Kids” video, though, it takes the weird stuff to another level by having frontman Rivers Cuomo suffer through a nightmarish déjà vu scenario in which he has to re-live the stuff that happened in those other videos. He eats cannolis, he goes on a slow-motion rampage, he poses with that muscly woman, and then he digs a second Rivers Cuomo out of the sand, which causes the first Rivers Cuomo to disappear—and that’s all before the “Damn, Daniel” kids show up for some reason. So yeah, it’s weird.

The White Album will be available in stores on April 1, and you can see the “California Kids” video for yourself below.

[via Pitchfork]


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