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Rival marching bands perform Game Of Thrones routine, manage to avoid wide-scale bloodshed

The proud warriors of House Michigan and House Penn State are engaged in a bloody war for control of the realm of college football. While the fighting between the two contestants, banners flying Penn State’s mighty lion and Michigan’s wolverine sigils, was fierce, a half-time break saw something of a truce emerge among the two side’s musicians.


Both school’s marching bands, we can assume, would gladly rip one another’s throats out in service of their liege lords—the colleges whose tuition rates keep them in serfdom—but they put aside these differences for a Game Of Thrones-focused performance memorialized by the Michigan Marching Band’s YouTube channel.

Together, the bands worked through a selection from the Game Of Thrones TV show, playing its theme song, pump up hits like “Spoils Of War,” and real misery jams like “Rains Of Castamere.” While the music is really good, drums and horns sounding appropriately martial for the material, the real highlight is the announcer introducing each new song in the medley.

With the blanket enthusiasm of every sports commentator, we get to hear stuff like “Cersei makes plans to expand her military!” and “Finally, we head north ... into the winds of winter!” There’s also a very clearly enunciated recitation of the “Rains of Castamere,” which is about murdering your enemies so thoroughly their entire family lineage is destroyed. If that doesn’t get the fans raring for the second half of a football game, what will?

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