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Ripped From The Tabloids News: CSI seeks "bald Britney-type" and David Cross does Howard K. Stern

Having already inspired an episode of Law & Order—where a starlet comes under fire for driving with her infant in her lap, as well as snorting coke while pregnant—Britney Spears is reportedly getting the crime procedural treatment again in an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami. Though the plot mainly concerns an actor who dies during a stay at rehab, during their investigation the David Caruso-led team of forensics specialists also comes across a Spears-type star who has shaved her head. Mmm, topical!

But even more interesting is this additional information from the same article, about the forthcoming Anna Nicole-based episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, set to air during May sweeps: Original celebutard Kristy Swanson will play a "spaced-out blond bombshell" who suffers an untimely death, and comedian David Cross has signed on to play the "Howard K. Sternish" role. Still better than Scary Movie 2.


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