UPDATE: Constellation Records has confirmed that Chesnutt died this afternoon. Here's the link. Bad news indeed.

Twitter has been buzzing for 12 hours about the apparent suicide attempt of singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt. Word first came from Kristin Hersh, via Twitter, and was confirmed by Chesnutt's label, Constellation Records. Their statement: “We have no comment right now on the specifics other than that his doctors are continuing to assess his condition. We will issue a full statement at an appropriate time. In the interim, we request that everybody respect Vic’s privacy and that of his family.”

About an hour ago, Chunklet's Henry Owings tweeted "RIP Vic Chesnutt," and considering the source, it seems likely true. Chesnutt was (is?) 45, and had just made some of the best records of his life. Here's an interview he did with us in October of this year. Bellona, please don't say "Who?" Use the Google and look him up instead. Below, a live version of "You Are Never Alone," from 2007's North Star Deserter.