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RIP Slayer?

Don't worry metalheads, Slayer hasn't broken up. Not yet, anyway. But according to Idolator via British metal site Thrash Hits, the band is thinking about whether to continue after its next album comes out in 2009, which will satisfy contractual obligations with Rick Rubin's American Recordings. Frontman Tom Araya told Thrash Hits that Slayer will "get together and discuss our future plans" once material for the new record is finished. When asked if age—he's 47—is playing a role in all this, Araya confessed that "seeing a 50-year-old man headbanging on stage would make me cringe. If I was watching that, I'd think, 'Dude, you're a little too old for that, aren't you? You're gonna fall off!'" So, while no decision on Slayer's future has been made yet, you might want to see them next time they're in town, just to be safe.


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