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Ring in 2015 with Marvel’s calendar from 1981

Here’s an interesting fact: The days and dates of 2015 align perfectly with the years 2009, 1998, 1987, 1981, and 1970, amongst others. Okay, that’s not completely interesting. Fair. But here’s where the story takes a twist: That means that a 20th anniversary calendar put out by Marvel Comics in 1981 can now be used as a completely accurate calendar in 2015.

This was all discovered and compiled by cartoonist Mark Anderson over on his blog, where he has also hosted high res scans of every month’s offerings. In addition to amazing, classic artwork by such luminaries as Bill Sienkiewicz, John Romita Jr., Frank Miller, and George Perez, the calendar also features some fun Marvel facts for most days of the year. January, for example, opens with the first family of Marvel, The Fantastic Four, still playing with their Christmas gifts (and The Thing with his hanukkah presents):


Each month has a theme/specific characters to which it’s dedicated. April belongs to Thor and his various compatriots re-enacting the climactic scene from Over The Top:

Then in May, there’s the X-Men being put in needless danger by their mentor and teacher, Professor X:


And August centers on The Avengers, including The Vision and Yellowjacket (about whom you’ll be hearing more as Ant-Man approaches):


The entirety of the calendar can be found on Anderson’s blog and he encourages people to use them, either as calendars or simply as groovy desktop wallpapers. It’s a cool coincidence that will work perfectly to replace whatever terrible Nuns Having Fun or Krazy Kittens calendars you might have been unfortunate enough to receive this Holiday season.

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