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Rilo Kiley is definitely finished, says Blake Sennett

Ever since the release of Rilo Kiley’s 2007 album Under The Blacklight, it’s been widely assumed that the group probably wasn’t long for this earth, given the record’s bad vibes and Jenny Lewis’ ascendant solo career. But fans holding hope that Rilo Kiley was merely on hiatus officially have reason to give up after a decisive and decidedly bitter interview that guitarist Blake Sennett has given to Spinner.

Blaming a toxic mix of “deception, disloyalty, greed, and things I don’t really want to submit myself to,” Sennett has essentially said “fuck that, I can’t do this anymore” to the prospect of playing with Rilo Kiley again. "Relationships, like Woody Allen said, are either moving forward or they're moving backwards, they either degrade or they grow and it was degrading to some certain extent in Rilo Kiley," he told Spinner.


On Blacklight, Sennett pointedly said "I don't think it was our best record by far. I think that it could have been our best but I think we were under pressure. There were some of our best songs on that record but some of our worst songs. Like, 'Dejalo' and '15'—I didn't like those songs. They're OK, but we have a ton of old tracks that are better than a lot of the stuff that did make the record."

Sennett hopes to release Rilo Kiley’s wealth of unreleased, better-than-the-last-record material as a 40-song, two-disc set. “I think that can be more considered like our last release, to me. But I don't know."

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