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“Riker” reveals the shocking exploits of Star Trek’s smarmy second-in-command

It’s unclear whether Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Commander William T. Riker’s fan reputation as a silver-tongued sex hound on the hunt for alien strange existed before the era of internet memes, but, regardless, it’s been seriously exacerbated by them. So it was perhaps inevitable that this characterization of the man with too much swagger to sit down in a chair like a normal person reaches its apex in “Riker,” a funny and disturbing TNG Edit 38 by YouTuber Gazorra.

For those familiar with the rich history of Star Trek: The Next Generation cutups, Gazorra is editor Jan Van Den Hemel, who is returning with his first TNG cutup in five years. “Riker,” which has shades of Louies opening credits, does not disappoint, and the editor has plans for making around one similar edit per month—which if you’re the kind of nerd who’s into this sort of thing—you can help support via his Patreon page.

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