In 2011, a video shoot for Rihanna’s “We Found Love” found the singer stripping in the field of an Irish farmer, the insult to God causing the incensed farmer’s crops to wither and bend, and threatening the greatest famine in the region since opera singer Catherine Hayes exposed her ankles, killing all the potatoes. Understandably, Ireland is not taking any more chances: As these images posted to Reddit reveal, Dubliners have been rushing to cover up ads for Rihanna’s current Diamonds World Tour—ads that, like the Unapologetic album cover they’re taken from, feature Rihanna unapologetically topless for all to see and be imperiled by. Not wanting to starve to death, some residents have taken to stapling dresses over them, hoping this desperate stab at imposing modesty will be enough to slow Rihanna’s latest attempt to leave Ireland an arid ruin. The real test will be next week, however, when Rihanna herself arrives, still apparently hell-bent on salting the earth with her breasts.  [via Buzzfeed]