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Rihanna joins the cast of Peter Berg's increasingly go-for-broke Battleship

Peter Berg’s take on the classic game Battleship clearly has nothing to lose: It’s a film born entirely out of a boardroom, with a story bled from a stone of a premise that involves reading off letter-number combinations and sticking pegs in holes. So what the fuck, you may as well have some fun with it—as evidenced by Berg’s decision to add an “alien invasion” plot and set dead aim on America's vaginas and a “Meet The Hunks Of Battleship!” article in People with his two leads. Hey, why not also add the distracting presence of Rihanna? According to Variety, the pop singer will make her acting debut with an as-yet-unspecified role—although it’s technically her second film, having played herself in the direct-to-video sequel Bring It On: All Or Nothing. We’d put even money on her playing a tough-talking, tomboyish-yet-sexy Naval officer with a surprisingly soft center. Either that or a submarine. Maybe she’s playing a submarine.


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