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Rihanna has dropped her new album, Anti, on Tidal

Illustration for article titled Rihanna has dropped her new album, iAnti/i, on Tidal

In a story chock full of exciting stylistic capitalization, Rihanna has just released her latest album, Anti (a.k.a. ANTI) on the streaming music service Tidal (or TIDAL). The 13-track album is Rihanna’s first since 2012’s less-emphatically spelled Unapologetic, and has been hinted at in various forms for more than a year. The track list has a few surprises on it (or rather, not on it); none of the tracks Rihanna released last year, including the Kanye-featuring “FourFiveSeconds” or “Bitch Better Have My Money” appear on the disc, although “Work,” demoed earlier today, and a cover of Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” both made the cut.

Quick-fingered Tidal users actually got a shot at the album earlier today, when it accidentally leaked onto the Jay Z-backed service. (Presumably, someone at Tidal got so excited at the service’s exclusive access to the album that a button got pushed by accident; bitch better have their resume, is our guess.) Although it was quickly pulled from the service, the musical cat was already out of the bag, which may explain why Anti is out now, instead of Friday, as had previously been hinted.


Anti track list:

01 Consideration [ft. SZA]
02 James Joint
03 Kiss it Better
04 Work
05 Desperado
06 Woo
07 Needed Me
08 Yeah, I Said It
09 Same Ol’ Mistakes
10 Never Ending
11 Love On the Brain
12 Higher
13 Close to You

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