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Rihanna, Eminem going on (a small) tour together

In as much as playing in three cities together qualifies as a tour, Rihanna and Eminem are going on tour together. The “Monster Tour” will hit New York, Los Angeles, Detroit this August, according to an interview with Eminem in the new issue of XXL. That shouldn’t be confused with Kiss’ Monster Tour, which wrapped in November, or the Monster X Tour, which is bringing raging monster-truck action to the WNC Agricultural Center in Asheville, North Carolina, this weekend. (Did you hear Cody Holman and Son Of Beast won big in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Monday night?)

Specific dates and venues haven’t been announced yet, but residents of those cities can probably count on one, two, or more nights in their nearest gigantic arena. Chances of the song below being performed are hovering steadily at 100 percent.

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