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Rihanna angers Irish farmer with her breasts

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Rihanna’s latest video hasn’t even been completed yet and already it’s the subject of protest, this time from a farmer in Northern Ireland who stopped the shoot to demand that she put her clothes back on. According to a BBC report, Rihanna was shooting a clip for the single “We Found Love” in the pun-ready town of Bangor, where her production crew had secured the right to use a field belonging to Alan Graham. Unfortunately, that crew forgot to mention to Graham that Rihanna planned to spend the video stripping down from a flannel shirt into a bikini before removing her top entirely, all in a metaphorical interpretation of the way we can only find love by removing the many layers that separate us from other people, and also to get her breasts out there for people to look at.


So when Graham—who says he’s never heard of Rihanna, and thus clearly doesn’t understand her artistic process—noticed gawkers stopping along the nearby freeway, and witnessed his crops souring in the presence of Rihanna’s exposed breasts, he climbed down from his tractor and told them to cease filming immediately. For his part, Graham says he and Rihanna reached an amicable understanding (“We shook hands,” he says), and adds, “From my point of view, it was my land, I have an ethos and I felt it was inappropriate. I was unhappy with her state of undress. I wish no ill will against Rihanna and her friends. Perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God.” “Nah, that’s okay,” God said.

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