Confirming that revenge is a dish best served conceptually, on a papier-mâché plate fashioned out of old Tiger Beat clippings and semen, rapper Riff Raff will get even for James Franco’s alleged theft of his personality on Spring Breakers by, fittingly, playing James Franco. Or rather, “Jamie Franko,” a Miami art dealer who appears on an upcoming episode of One Life To Live, in an obvious mockery of Franco’s own artist character “Franco” on General Hospital. It’s a bit of hall-of-mirrors vengeance that’s been months in the making, ever since Riff Raff began pointing out the similarities between himself and Spring Breakers’ Alien and accusing Franco of lying about the source of his inspiration. Of course, it’s possible James Franco only denied portraying Riff Raff because he knew it would someday lead to Riff Raff playing James Franco. We’ll have to wait for the inevitable film in which Franco plays Riff Raff playing Jamie Franko to know for certain.