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Screenshot: The Journey (YouTube)

Before the Super Bowl last Sunday, Turkish Airlines released a 30-second teaser for a new short film they produced in collaboration with celebrated director Ridley Scott. Now, the full six-minute short is available online for your viewing pleasure and, while it’s still technically an advertisement, consider it an artistic reprieve from the dire antics brands have been pulling on Twitter this week.

Titled The Journey, the film follows one woman’s pursuit of a mysterious figure who emerges from a plane landing in the newly designed Istanbul airport. The chase takes them through a slew of tourist attractions (and some cozy accommodations). It’s one part Bond film, one part tourism sales pitch, and proves that, even at 81 years of age, Scott hasn’t lost a step. While the director is probably best known for his films like Alien, Gladiator, and Blade Runner, this isn’t his first foray into commercial directing. Most notably, he directed the famous Apple “1984” spot, as well as a 1973 ad for Hovis bread that was voted Britain’s favorite commercial of all time.


“I decided to go back and click into advertising,” Scott said in a behind-the-scenes clip. “I love the chase and the speed of the job.” Chase and speed are most certainly two words that come to mind watching this short, but we’re guessing a real trip to Turkey would be a touch more relaxing.

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