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Ridley Scott tries to extend Blade Runner replicant's life cycle by introducing Green Lantern writer mutagen

Illustration for article titled Ridley Scott tries to extend emBlade Runner/em replicants life cycle by introducing emGreen Lantern/em writer mutagen

Knowing that a light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long, Alcon Entertainment has aimed to dim its long-developing expansion of Blade Runner by hiring Green Lantern scribe Michael Green to rewrite its script. “You were made as well as we could make you,” director Ridley Scott whispered to the original Blade Runner. “Now it’s time for the guy who wrote Green Lantern to give it a whirl.” As we’ve known since the coding sequence was first initiated, the new Blade Runner sequel will pick up the story a few years after the first film’s conclusion, maybe even integrating a now visibly old and therefore confusing Harrison Ford into the equation—and of course, a coding sequence cannot be revised once it’s been established. What about EMS-3 recombination? you ask. What about reintroducing original screenwriter Hampton Fancher? “We’ve already tried it,” Scott replies. “It doesn’t obstruct replication, but it does give rise to an error in replication so that the newly formed DNA strand carries with it a mutation, and now the guy from Green Lantern is in there.”


“But this—all of this is academic….and industry-standard franchise stuff,” Scott says, shrugging. “Revel in your time.”

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