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Dubbed “social filmmaking” by director Kevin Macdonald in The Hollywood Reporter, YouTube users around the world are invited to submit footage for an experimental, user-generated documentary called Life In A Day to be “directed” by Macdonald (Last King Of Scotland) and produced by Ridley Scott. Anyone with a camera and YouTube account is asked to craft their submission as a time capsule snapshot of Earth as it will be on July 24, 2010. Those who submit the best footage will then be edited into a single film by Macdonald and credited as co-directors on the project. The film will then première at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival—and to further raise the stakes, 20 of those co-directors will get to attend. To assist in the global perspective and quest for diversity, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions and Rick Smolan’s Against All Odds Productions will distribute cameras to more isolated areas around the world to ensure inclusiveness. Details on submissions for the project are available here.


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