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Ridley Scott says Prometheus 2 will actually be Alien: Paradise Lost

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Doubling down on—and also kind of contradicting, since in space, no one can hear you correct yourself—his recent statements about the connection between Prometheus and the Alien series, Ridley Scott has declared that Prometheus 2 won’t be Prometheus 2 at all, but will instead carry the title Alien: Paradise Lost. Talking to Hey U Guys, Scott revealed that the film will delve into the backstory of the xenomorph—which Scott previously declared both “done” and “cooked,” but whatever, that was, like, 30 Ridley Scott interviews ago—and “why and how and when the beast was invented.”

Also, all that stuff about needing three or four movies to get back to where it all began with Alien is apparently out the window, because Ridley Scott doesn’t have time for what Ridley Scott said last week. “We’ll go back in to the backdoor of the very first Alien that I did 30 years ago,” he told interviewers, while also saying that there’s a “similarity” between John Milton’s famous poem and his own work, hence the title. (Presumably, it’s the part where Milton wrote, “Better to reign in the hollowed-out remains of your parasitic host’s ribcage, than serve in heaven,” unless Scott’s bluffing, and he’s just trying to lure fucking Milton scholar Bradley Cooper to sign on for the film.)


[via Deadline]

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