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Ridley Scott’s making a law-and-marriage drama for CBS

Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Ridley Scott’s been involved in a lot of TV, including The Man In The High Castle, the late BrainDead, and the upcoming anthology series The Terror. Those projects are closer to Scott’s filmmaking territory, but the Alien: Covenant director was also an executive producer on The Good Wife, which might be why Variety reports that CBS has picked up Mrs. V. Mr., a legal drama from Scott and Police Squad! veteran David Zucker. The new series will follow “a prominent, larger-than-life L.A. defense attorney and the chief prosecutor for the DA’s office,” who see each other in the courtroom and bedroom. Because they’re married, you see—happily, as a matter of fact, which must make for all kinds of trouble in the office. Or maybe it’s vice versa. In any case, it’s bound to be sexy and/or tense.

MacGyver and Code Black executive producer Brett Mahoney is writing the pilot for the series, which sounds like ADA Jamie Ross’ storyline on Law & Order season seven (specifically, the episodes “D-Girl,” “Turnaround,” and “Showtime”). The title suggests the wife is the plaintiff, which sounds about right for network television, but could also mean that she’s the prosecutor and the husband character is the defense lawyer. In either case, their drycleaning bills are probably exorbitant.


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