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As much as people love movies adapted from comics and the Hunger Games these days, it’s important that Hollywood doesn’t neglect The Bible. It is America’s favorite book, and it’s not like anyone picked it because they feared reprisal from some kind of all-powerful deity who would get mad if they didn’t. Yes, some people legitimately love The Bible, and Alien director Ridley Scott is apparently one of them.


Scott is still working on Exodus, his Moses movie that stars Christian Bale, but that won’t stop him from producing another Bible movie. After all, the longer he does stuff like this, the longer he can put off the Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels that we’re all dreading for various reasons. According to The Wrap, Scott’s next Bible movie will be about David, the guy who knocked out a giant by flinging rocks at him, cut off the giant’s head, and then became king because the world used to be a lot more merit-based than it is now. Since everyone is familiar with that easy-to-follow origin story, this movie will reportedly focus instead on David’s time as king, a period that contained approximately zero fights against giants but is still apparently worth making a movie about.

The Wrap predicts that Scott will be too busy to direct the movie himself, but he could always push Prometheus 2 back and let it cook a bit longer. You know, just in case.

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