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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Ridley Scott hires Michael Fassbender to prove hes really making that Cormac McCarthy movie

Suggesting that Ridley Scott may actually use Cormac McCarthy’s first-ever spec script The Counselor as more than just reinforcement for his unproduced-screenplay fort, Deadline reports that the director has already signed his Prometheus lead Michael Fassbender to star—which indicates Scott really is going to make it next, and that the neighborhood children should be advised that Fort Screenplay is now vulnerable to attack. Swarm! Swarm! Fassbender will play the respected lawyer who gets in over his head [Pause for now-obligatory "Fassbender’s penis” joke] when he attempts to “dip a toe” into the drug business. Scott is currently looking for someone to play the villain—presumably a real drug trafficker who doesn’t appreciate Fassbender’s character dipping his toe everywhere—with Deadline saying it’s already heard various names being rumored like Brad Pitt, Jeremy Renner, and Bradley Cooper, all of them obvious candidates considering The Counselor is a movie and the year is 2012.


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