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Ridley Scott adds another Philip K. Dick adaptation to the majestic mountain of scripts he's gonna do someday

His feet anchored firmly, triumphantly on the jagged peak of Script Mountain, Ridley Scott gazed expansively into the valleys below and announced that he will adapt the Philip K. Dick novel The Man In The High Castle into a four-hour miniseries for the BBC, marking the first time Scott has drawn from the author’s canon since Blade Runner, and the first time he’s stuck his name in a project in like a week. For those unfamiliar, The Man In The High Castle depicts an alternate timeline where the Axis powers won World War II, the United States have been converted into puppet states for Japan and the Nazis, and characters are consumed with questions over what is and isn’t real. Spooks (a.k.a. MI-5) writer Howard Brenton is handling the screenplay; a director hasn’t been named yet. As Deadline points out, this is yet another lucrative movie deal for one of Dick’s works, all of which arrived far too late to save the author from the poverty that dominated his career. For any other struggling writers out there, have you considered dying?

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