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Ride a flaming unicorn to victory as Kim Jong Un in Glorious Leader!

A terrible weight burdens your soul.

Night after night you awake, sweat-drenched and trembling, at the nagging thought that there is something wrong with this world—that you were meant for more. You cannot explain it, but you know it; you can feel it inside you with the same palpable certainty as the heart beating in your chest. It is a notion ever-present in the periphery of your mind, quietly driving you mad: You have yet to realize your greatness.


You should be the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Atlanta-based indie game studio Moneyhorse Games knows your plight and seeks to relieve your suffering with Glorious Leader!, a side-scrolling run’n’gun (’n’Un) that casts you as Kim Jong Un, righteously fighting against Western imperialism with your trusted sidekick Dennis Rodman.

Glorious Leader! isn’t the first retro game about North Korea, but it is the only one (so far) to prominently feature unicorns.

There’s no word yet on how the designers will incorporate mass starvation or staggering human rights abuses (boss fights in future expansions?), but who can be bothered by such things in the face of this deliriously perfect screenshot:


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