Earlier this year, Ricky Gervais revived his David Brent character for a series of web videos, finally answering the question of what that guy from The Office who never knew when enough was enough has been up to, and also what David Brent is doing now. And according to this Hollywood Reporter profile, Gervais’ current “Learn Guitar With David Brent” tutorial series is potentially just the first step in a full-on David Brent revival. Gervais says he believes the coming months will see a record deal to release David Brent songs, a series of charity concerts where he’ll perform as Brent with a backing band, and—eventually—“a movie about Brent trying to make it in the music industry,” based on a plot introduced in The Office Revisited and the fact that, hey, Alan Partridge got a movie. Of course, much like the ambition Gervais states in the same article to “play a villain (think The Riddler) in a superhero movie,” right now it’s just a dream that no one is asking him to fulfill. But it does confirm that Gervais is still intent on trying to replicate The Office, beyond those other things he already did.