In case you missed it, Ricky Gervais has decided to dust off his most famous character, David Brent of the original UK Office, for a mockumentary called Life On The Road. The movie, which reportedly won’t begin shooting until 2015, will follow Brent as he tries to reignite his never-happened musical career. (Fun fact: In real life, Ricky Gervais once managed the band Suede.) Gervais just let loose another David Brent song, this one an ode to the city where Brent lived and worked for so long, “Slough.” (It’s the Scranton of England.) The Bowie-inspired song praises the town with a series of compliments and simple facts: “You know just where you’re headed / It’s equidistant ‘tween London and Reading.” The posting of this song is not an early endorsement of the movie, which has a pretty big hill to climb, both the original, near-perfect run of the show and Gervais’ spotty career since.