Bates Motel

Vera Farmiga and Ugly Betty star America Ferrera have signed on to the cast of Ricky Gervais’ Netflix movie Special Correspondents. The film—a remake of a French one—stars Eric Bana as a reporter who fakes front-line war reporting from the comfort and safety of his New York apartment. Gervais, who’s writing and directing the project, also co-stars, although he’s keeping a tight lid on which of his many varied personas—Smarmy British Guy? Other Smarmy British Guy? Derek?—he’ll utilize for the role.

Farmiga currently stars on Bates Motel, which also, in its own way, deals with issues of death-adjacent make-believe. Ferrera, meanwhile, has been keeping busy with her voice acting role as Astrid in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise, and recently popped up on an episode of Inside Amy Schumer. (She’s also slated to star in NBC’s big-box retail-based sitcom Superstore.) Other additions to the cast, revealed in a set photo released by Netflix, include Kelly Macdonald, Benjamin Bratt, Kevin Pollak, and, presumably, Kevin Pollak’s Famous Christopher Walken Impression. Special Correspondents will be released on Netflix in 2016.