Ricky Gervais' Life's Too Short—like most of Ricky Gervais' recent output—proved polarizing among those who saw it as another clever deconstruction of celebrity and unearned arrogance, and those who saw it as a thinly veiled excuse for dwarf-tossing. But for fans who long for more of the satirically exaggerated tale of Warwick Davis and his downward spiral into obscurity, HBO has confirmed that the show will wrap with a special to air sometime this year. That plan replaces Gervais' oft-repeated hopes for a full second season (which seemed increasingly like a lost cause the more critics turned on the show, anyway), but it should at least provide some closure on the story of Davis' only slightly fictionalized attempts to keep his career going. Considering this happened, perhaps now the series can end with a fortuitous phone call from Disney? Or they could just stick him in a toilet again. Whichever.