Ricky Gervais has plans to expand his mission to educate the world beyond repeatedly telling everyone he's an atheist, or teasing out the nuances in the words "laughing with" dwarfs or the disabled. He'll next put that passion for teaching to good use in the web series "Learn English With Ricky Gervais," which Gervais confirmed on his blog he's finished editing and is preparing to launch imminently. Other than knowing that it will feature Karl Pilkington, both by Gervais' implication and basic assumption, few details exist beyond the series' self-explanatory title and Gervais adding that he hopes to "have it subtitled into as many languages as possible," which all but confirms that it will be some sort of instructional series in which viewers, indeed, learn English with Ricky Gervais. No word on whether Gervais will draw from the King's English or American English, so here's a basic primer to get you ready.