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Ricked Wicky video features comedians as “Poor Substitute” for Bob Pollard

Guided By Voices’ most recent breakup seems to have really stuck this time, with Bob Pollard focusing on a solo album (the April release Faulty Superheroes) and cranking out three albums with his new band, Ricked Wicky. Pollard’s “Dayton, Ohio-based supergroup” features past collaborators Nick Mitchell, Todd Tobias, and Kevin March, and represents Pollard’s version of a “sophisticated arena rock band.”

Ricked Wicky released its latest album, Swimmer To A Liquid Armchair, just last week, which The A.V. Club streamed exclusively. The band has now debuted the official music video for “Poor Substitute,” which drives home the point of GBV being O-V-E-R by having everyone but Pollard perform. Director Mike Postalakis brought in Rob and Nate Corddry of Childrens Hospital (among other things, obviously), Kroll Show’s Seth Morris (as well as Childrens Hospital), and Matt “Badger” Jones of Breaking Bad. The video was inspired by Andy Warhol’s “Screen Tests” and features the Corddry brothers, Morris, and Jones doing their best impressions of Pollard’s flailing dance moves and chugging from a fifth of something. You can watch the video for “Poor Substitute” below.

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