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Rick Springfield joins True Detective season two

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Singer-songwriter and former teen heartthrob Rick Springfield has joined what is shaping up to be an interesting cast list for the second season of HBO’s True Detective. Details on Springfield’s role in the series, including whether he will be a guest star or series regular and his character’s name (hopefully it’s something good, like “Jesse Skirlrider”) are unknown, but Springfield made the announcement himself on Twitter last night:


Springfield started his career as dreamy Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital and has done a fair amount of acting over the years, including a recent run playing himself on Californication. So the 65-year-old’s casting isn’t as weird as, say, the singer from Dexy’s Midnight Runners appearing on a high-profile cable program. But it does raise the possibility that True Detective’s second season will revolve around the secret occult meaning of “Don’t Talk To Strangers.”

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