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Rick Ross has been busy over the last week. He started the week by jumping on a remix of Post Malone’s hit “White Iverson” on Monday, then did the same to Future’s “Stick Talk” on Tuesday. Yesterday, he dropped the video for his new single, “Bill Gates.” And today Ross continued his productivity streak by showing the word that even The Biggest Boss has a sensitive side, hopping on a remix of Adele’s new ballad “Hello.” 2Dopeboyz says this version will “make thugs cry. (Well, it would if the ‘Maybach Music’ tags didn’t kill the mood every 30 seconds.)”

Even with the tags, the remix still presses all the right emotional buttons, with Ross getting raw and vulnerable talking about lost love and his own insecurities before Adele jumps back in with the hook. In other words, the song works far better than you’d expect. Ross’ eighth studio album, Black Market, is due out in December, so Ross fans can look forward to more remixes and videos in the coming weeks.


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