Rapper Rick Ross had a rough weekend. First he had a seizure Friday while in route by airplane to Memphis, and had to be administered CPR after an emergency landing. After leaving the hospital, Ross had a second seizure on a second plane, and was admitted to a hospital in Birmingham, Ala. Ross appeared to be fine after that, but then he canceled a concert in North Carolina at the last minute on Saturday, citing health issues.

But Rick Ross is doing OK, really, based on a photo posted by DJ Khaled to Twitpic that shows Ross, Khaled, and rapper Gucci Pucci holding life-restoring super-sized sodas in front of a Wing Stop in Memphis. If Ross were holding a medium soda, there would be cause for concern. But the Teflon Don appears to be fully carbonated, and (hopefully) on the mend. [via Popdust]