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Screenshot: Spaceballs (YouTube)

Rick Moranis hasn’t technically retired from acting, but he has barely appeared in anything since taking a break from Hollywood in the ‘90s to raise his kids after his wife died of breast cancer. This week, though, he’ll make a brief return to a classic character he played in an ‘80s comedy for ABC’s The Goldbergs, with Screen Crush reporting that Moranis will appear in a dream sequence on the show as Dark Helmet, his Darth Vader parody from Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs. Moranis will only be providing his voice, so he’s not stepping into the enormous headwear for real again, but the scene does apparently end with Sean Giambrone’s Adam Goldberg promising Dark Helmet that he’ll someday make a Spaceballs sequel—which, as Screen Crush notes, is something the actual Adam Goldberg has been trying to do in real life.


In a statement, the real Goldberg notes that he hopes this gets Spaceballs “back in the conversation.”

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