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Rick And Morty writer Jessica Gao is developing her own sitcom

A still from “Pickle Rick,” written by Jessica Gao.
Image: Adult Swim

Fresh off winning her first Emmy—for beloved man-avoids-therapy-by-turning-himself-into-a-murderous-pickle TV episode “Pickle Rick”Rick And Morty writer Jessica Gao has just secured a TV series of her own. Per Variety, the untitled series will be about a Chinese-American woman who ends up spending far too much time with her family, after she’s made the inheritor of a large fortune that everybody wants a piece of.

Gao—who also co-hosts the podcast Whiting Wongs with Rick And Morty’s Dan Harmon, which dives with relentless candidness into the problem of race and racism in Hollywood—is an up-and-coming TV writer, with credits on Silicon Valley, Robot Chicken, and more. She was also the recipient of the non-sauce-based ire of a number of Rick And Morty fans over the last year or so, apparently angry that a woman had the temerity to write their science-wielding, gas-filled alpha male hero.


Gao is executive producing and writing the new show. The news comes as Hollywood—spurred by shows like Fresh Off The Boat and films like the massively successful Crazy Rich Asians—appears to have suddenly noticed that you can, in fact, make a project with Asian-American leads more than once per decade without the entire entertainment industry falling apart. Who knew?

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