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Though the season two finale of Rick And Morty allayed our fears about the fate of Mr. Poopybutthole, it also delivered a gut-wrenching cliffhanger and the news that viewers would have to wait nearly a year and a half for a resolution, i.e., more episodes, thereby leading many to ponder the possibility of arranging a medically-induced coma to get them through the hiatus (or was it just us?). But according to co-creator Dan Harmon, that wait has been shortened, so there’s (probably) no need for such drastic measures.


Harmon shared the delightful news while speaking at a Rick And Morty panel at the Magic City Comic Con in Miami in late January, after being pointedly asked when the new season would premiere. The video of the panel is below; it’s at the 10:24 minute mark that Harmon makes that announcement, then follows it up with the news that the new season will be 14 episodes long instead of 10. Harmon didn’t reveal any information about what the season holds for Rick and Morty, but his writers, who have indicated that voice recording has begun, are promising a rather potent (yet figurative) punch to the genitals. And that’s the waaaaaay the news goes!

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